Injections Nurse

Susan MacKenzie, RNSusan Mackenzie has been involved as our charge of our Botulinin and fillers injectable treatments for over 14 years. She is a Certified Peri-Operative Nurse, who graduated from Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing in June 1983.

For many years, Susan was an integralpart of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team at Vancouver General Hospital, working in the care of all aspects of the specialty, from traumatic and reconstructive hand surgery, to treatment of facial injuries and deformities.

Eventually, she decided to leave the public sector and work exclusively in private cosmetic plastic surgery.
To this, she brought many years of surgical experience, teaching skills and high ethical standards. The Centre welcomed her into her present role in early 2002, after an in depth training period in injection therapy. Since then she has gained a broad reputation as a congenial and caring human being, and as an expert in her field.

“I feel that as a nurse, I can take the time to listen to and learn the specific expectations of each patient. My high ethical standards demand that I spend the time necessary with each patient reviewing risks, possible complications and expected outcome.”

Many patients tell us that they feel less pressure for time with her than when they visit medical doctors for injections, and the injections are also much more gentle.