How to Avoid Overindulging During the Holidays

lmost everyone has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of overindulging during the holidays, whether it’s at an office party or a family get-together. With so many appetizers, entrees, desserts and tasty drinks available during the holidays, it is easy to overindulge. And, if you attend multiple holiday parties, you might put on a few inches around the waist, without noticing until New Year’s rolls around. To help you refrain from consuming too many calories, Dr. Benjamin Gelfant shares tips about how to avoid overindulging this holiday season.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

With so many presents to buy and wrap, decorations to put up and events to attend, it is easy to rush out of the house without eating breakfast. However, doing so is a big mistake. By skipping breakfast in the morning, you are more likely to overeat later in the day — especially when presented with an expansive spread of hors d’oeuvres at a holiday soirée. Skipping breakfast can also make you feel sluggish, make it difficult to concentrate and whittle away your will power, so you make poor food choices later on. Do yourself a favor and eat a healthy breakfast, complete with whole grains and lean protein to keep you feeling full longer.

Do Skip Fad Diets

We understand the desire to look great in your holiday outfit. But it’s best to achieve this goal through regular exercise and eating small, nutritious meals throughout the day. In particular, performing strength-training exercises will help you build muscle mass, which burns more calories throughout the day, even while you are at rest. Also, eating small portions of healthy foods throughout the day will prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping too low, which often leads to making poor food choices when an opportunity to eat finally presents itself. In contrast, those who follow fad diets may lose weight initially but tend to regain it (and then some) when they try to get back to a regular eating schedule.

Stick to Living Foods

When you are at a party, try to choose living foods: Raw vegetables and fruits are best. Eat veggies and fruits in every color of the rainbow to get a wide range of essential vitamins and nutrients. Eating living foods will also provide a significant amount of water, so you stay hydrated, and fiber, so you feel full.

What to Do If You Can’t Get Rid of Holiday Weight Gain

If New Year’s arrives and you notice that your clothes are fitting more snugly, don’t worry. First, try to get back to a healthy diet and exercise habits to lose excess weight naturally. If you have tried that and you still cannot eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to your diet and exercise efforts, contact Benjamin Gelfant MD for help. He offers a variety of body contouring procedures, including liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, which can improve the look of your “problem areas,” for a more sculpted contour where you need it most.

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