“I see changes around my eyes and mouth but I don’t want surgery.”
“My lips have always been thin.”
“People ask why am I frowning all the time.”

We can often help with these and other matters with injections done in the office with no downtime. Botulinin toxin (Botox®) and filler injections can often be very useful.

Our injectables programme is run by experienced operating room nurse injector Susan Mackenzie. Susan has been treating patients with Botox® and filler substances for over 15 years.

Botulinin Injections may be used to

  • Reduce the activity of frown muscles and soften lines
  • Decrease crow’s foot lines at the outer corners of eyes
  • Reduce lip lines
  • Other areas

Filler substances such as Juvederm and Voluma are used to

  • Add volume to lips
  • Fill skin lines
  • Reduce the deep folds running from the nose along the corner of the lips toward the chin (naso-labials and labio mental folds)
  • Other areas specific to individuals

The growth in non-surgical injection based treatments over the past 20 years has been nothing short of remarkable. However, too much Botox and filler is common and creates an appearance most people find unattractive. Susan is careful to work carefully with you to evaluate your needs and desires.

Non-Surgical Procedures