RealSelf February 21, 2020

Gravity is not our friend.
My eyelids had become “hooded” which gave and older appearance and made it difficult to wear eye make up.
I consulted with Dr. Gelfant regarding getting an eyelid lift. During the consultation he explained that the brow area itself was also contributing to the hooded eyebrow. And to have the best overall more lasting effect, it would be most beneficial to do the endoscopic brow lift in conjunction with the upper eyelid reduction, for the best results.
For the lower lid improvement, he said that he would include fat grafting which would also have the best effect.
Dr. Gelfant takes a more conservative and natural approach to plastic surgery which I appreciated as it made the most sense to me.
The office staff is always very welcoming, professional, kind and courteous.
The surgery location is a beautiful facility and again I was well taken care of and attended to, before and after my surgery.
With all of my questions and concerns already addressed ahead of time, I went home with my friend to recover.
The first few days there was feelings of discomfort on my face but there was really no pain.
I went in for a next day follow up. My face was very swollen and bruised, which was to be expected and Dr. Gelfant put my worries at ease, that everything was normal.
Several days after the surgery, on a Saturday, I called the office for a concern I had and even though it was on the weekend, Dr. Gelfant called me back within about 30 minutes.
About a week later the upper eyelid stitches and the scalp staples were removed. It took a few weeks for all the bruising to completely subside. About 3-4 weeks after the surgery the upper eyelid surgery line was barely visible.
The only person that noticed any changes to my face in fact was my daughter. My friends only commented that I looked rested and refreshed.
It is now about 7 months post surgery and I am so pleased that I did this for myself. It was definitely worth it.

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