RealSelf November 20, 2017

I’m less than 1 week out from my Rhinoplasty revision and I can barely contain myself, the results even thus far have far exceeded my expectations. Dr Gelfant has made what was already a much improved nose to an almost perfect nose. And I say almost because my swelling hasn’t completely gone away. Dr Gelfant was the right fit for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering Rhinoplasty. I am no easy patient, I’m terrible with making decisions and I am very hard to please, plus I ask the same question about 100 times. Dr Gelfant never made me feel like I was being rushed, nor that my questions were irrelevant or not important, no matter how off the wall they would be. I felt at ease, safe and comfortable throughout my entire procedure and all the lead up appointments prior too the surgery. I appreciated is matter of fact answers and explanation of procedure and expectation of outcome. I would also be remiss to not mention his staff, they are wonderful ladies that excel at what they do, together they are a heck of a team. I am one happy patient.

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