Are you looking for good advice about having more beautiful breasts?

Do your research carefully, reading and maybe watching a video, if that appeals to you. Invest in one or more consultations and think about what you are advised. We feel a well-informed patient is a more successful patient.

And Benjamin Gelfant MD and his staff will help you make all the necessary decisions throughout the process, by helping you understand in an unhurried manner

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“The results from my surgery far exceeded my hopes and the personal care and attention you have provided to me as a patient also far surpassed all of my expectations. You are, most certainly, a credit to your profession. Thank you once again.” –Kimberly

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Additional Information

Breasts, in contrast to what our modern, consumer-driven society and culture are led to believe, are individual and infinitely varied in size, shape, and position.

Our biologically driven, visceral brain, however, continue to attach meaning to what it sees, and youthful appearing breast form and volume equate to health in that calculus.  The argument is made that we are acculturated to our sense of breast esthetics vs. we are hardwired a certain way. The truth, as with many things, is likely somewhere in between. My sense, after many years in practice, is that there are some women (and this applies to men as well, now) who see a deformity where what is objectively present is a little imperfection, and that body dysmorphic disorder is not uncommon. In some ways, our consumer-driven and selfie-snapping society has mass BDD.

Breast re-shaping: There are many women who come to see us who have lost breast volume after pregnancy and major weight loss, or rapid growth of their breasts after the onset of puberty, and the resulting breasts clearly make them feel unfeminine and empty. There are also women, far more than lay people believe, who have breast develop into shapes that are clearly distorted. So breast lifts are done for more than breast droop. Incisions and other maneuvers are used to shape the breast for a variety of reasons.

I have long made the argument that we have no qualms about endorsing breast reconstruction after cancer when breasts are missing or misshapen, but a part of our society, more puritanical, considers cosmetic breast surgery frivolous by comparison. Again, there is a middle ground between the BDD patients and the position of not justifying cosmetic breast surgery under any circumstances.

Breast augmentation with implants forms the cornerstone of my practice. More than half of all surgery I do involves the use of implants, either alone or along with a breast lift operation. As an experienced surgeon, many of my cases involve dealing with secondary cases, where implants were placed at some time in the past, and either have unsatisfactory outcomes or for some other reason.