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Labioplasty Surgery Instructions

Facelift Surgery Instructions

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Breast Augmentation and Lift Surgery Instructions

Breast Augmentation Surgery Instructions

Breast Motion Exercises

For Breast Motion Exercises post surgery please refer to this PDF and inform the office if you have any questions.

Testimonial | My Breast Augmentation Experience

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Facelift Testimonial – 9 weeks post operative

Patient shown in our Facelift video describes her return to physical activity, driving, peer reactions, and personal satisfaction 9 weeks after surgery.

Return to Exercise After Breast Augmentation

One patient describes her return to exercise after sub-muscular (sub-pectoral, under the muscle) breast implants. Your return to exercise may vary considerably. Please check first with your surgeon.

Ideal Implant Brochure

Discover the Structured Breast Implant that combines the benefits of saline and silicone gel implants without the drawbacks that concern women most—an unnatural feel and the risk of silent...

Testimonial From A Breast Augmentation Patient

A video testimonial from one of the Dr. Gelfant’s breast augmentation patients. It was filmed post operation day 1 and she had been able to go out for dinner...

Early Range of Motion Exercises After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Exercises to do after having breast augmentation surgery. The faster you get moving after breast augmentation surgery, the faster you will recover. Early range of motion is the key...

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Testimonial

A video testimonial from one of Dr. Gelfant’s breast augmentation patients. It was filmed post operation day 1. The patient had easy range of motion and minimal pain from...