Dr. Gelfant did my breast augmentation 12 years ago, his staff and the environment they create is one where you feel like a part of a family as soon as you walk through their doors. The procedure that Dr. Gelfant used to do my augmentation was one that I do not think enough women know about or are told about when visiting other Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Gelfant uses a technique where he goes through the arm pit for breast augmentation and the healing process was remarkable along with the scar that is hidden in the creases of your natural lines of your arm pit.
I never knew how important this was in the process of really mentally accepting that I had my breasts done. There was no visible scaring and every time I have looked in the mirror for the last 12 years I have only felt as though they have been there my whole life and that they we not “done” but a part of me.
I recently chose to increase my breast size after 12 years and not because of anything wrong with my implants just personal preference, I called Dr. Gelfants office from Kelowna and with in one week I had my pre op in Vancouver on a Monday and my procedure on the next day and all the staff was again absolutely amazing! They take any anxiety or worry away and make you feel like you are with family. I was back to normal day to day routine just 2 days after (minus heavy lifting lol) and I could not be happier!
I will always be greatful Dr. Gelfant for your amazing work, and your care for your patients and I will always come back to your office, your procedure and experience as well as compassion is priceless.
You are the best! 😉

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