Benjamin Gelfant MD has been a leader in the development & practice of minimum scar breast augmentation.

Have you lost the breast fullness you once had or did you never “develop” to match the rest of your body?

Breast augmentation is a vastly superior operation to what it once was, and the “does she or doesn’t she” outcome is far more likely now. Implants are superior and techniques are far more refined. Many patients typically are surprised by how their pain is minimal and return to work and exercise far earlier than they would have thought.

Breast augmentation with implants forms the cornerstone of my practice. It can be an extraordinary experience: Many women tell us they feel vastly stronger and more secure about themselves. It’s all about self-confidence, isn’t it?

There is little doubt that breast size and shape is an important part of attractiveness and that plastic surgery can play a role in enhancing your body image.

Procedure Description

The most common procedure of all, breast augmentation is the cosmetic counterpart of breast reconstruction and each has advanced from knowledge gained from the other.

Cosmetic breast augmentation involves:
  • General (complete) anesthesia
  • Incision, either under the breast (traditional) or in the armpit (endo scopic trans-axillary)
  • Creation of a space (the “pocket” of the right size, ensuring no bleeding)
  • Insertion of implants either pre-filled with silicone gel or filled after insertion (saline)
  • Repair of the incision

Fig. 1 | Three Possible Incision Areas

Fig. 2 | Subglandular Implant

Fig. 3 | Sumbmuscular Implant

Fig. 4 | Post-op Results

Patient Resources

Breast Augmentation Instructions

**Failure to follow these instructions may lead to cancellation of surgery and further fees will apply.

Video Resources

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