My experience with Dr Gelfant was excellent from start to finish. Dr Gelfant was very personable and very professional. He answered every question and put me at ease. I had a little complication with... read more

I am 1 year post-op and could not be any happier with my results! Dr. Gelfant and his entire staff made my entire experience extremely positive. From my first consultation to my surgery day,... read more

I was nervous about undergoing surgery and was thrilled with the whole process all the way through. The staff were kind and professional and the day of surgery was much better than expected, minial... read more

Gravity is not our friend. My eyelids had become “hooded” which gave and older appearance and made it difficult to wear eye make up. I consulted with Dr. Gelfant regarding getting an eyelid lift.... read more

  RealSelf January 25, 2020

I’m delighted with my new appearance. Dr. Gelfant’s work was that of an artist….very subtle but so effective. No one suspects anything. The comments I receive are that I look great, well rested and... read more

  RealSelf January 23, 2020

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Gelfant. From my initial consultation to my post op appointments, he has been so wonderful, kind and honest. He has given me my confidence back and... read more

  RealSelf December 12, 2019

I’m so supervised but was able to ween down Tylenol 3 from two to one every few hours, and down to none on day five, and nothing on day 6. The only ongoing issue... read more

I knew I wanted surgery for a really long time, the researching time was probably the hardest but seeing how many great reviews Dr Gelfant had, it was easy when it came down to... read more

I am so grateful to Dr Gelfant. ​ I have had two procedures ​with him as a result of issues caused by another ​well known local female ​surgeon​, and I am thrilled with the... read more

I went through a very pleasant and professional process when I booked my consultation and surgery over 10 years ago. Ever since then I’ve recommended Dr. Gelfant to anyone who’s asked me about reputable... read more

I could not be more pleased! At 65, I am here to encourage “women of a certain age” to consider an augmentation. It’s never too late for beauty and Dr Gelfant is the best... read more

Patient shown in our Facelift video describes her return to physical activity, driving, peer reactions, and personal satisfaction 9 weeks after surgery. read more