The Ideal® Implant has arrived in Canada, and we have now done the first case at our Vancouver cosmetic surgery clinic.

The most significant change in Breast Augmentation surgery in over thirty years is the development of a structured saline filled implant which combined the safety of saline with the feel of silicone.

The Ideal® Implant has a series of nesting shells which reduce fluid wave formation and help prevent rippling and visibility, giving a result from a saline only filled device comparable to silicone but without the unknowns of silicone filled devices.

Data from the post market approval studies submitted to the regulatory authorities in Canada and the USA ( HPB Canada and the FDA) suggest leak rates with silicone gel filled devices may be as high as 14-24% at ten years. These numbers were based on MRI examinations, the “gold standard” for determining if implants are intact or show signs of leakage. While leakage is not associated with any known illnesses, and years of research with a strong statistical basis back this up, most women would not want to “not know” whether their implants are intact

The only test needed to determine if a saline filled implant is intact is a visual check in the mirror. Your implants should provide you with peace of mind.
So after approval of the Ideal implant in November 2014, we were waiting eagerly for them to be released for clinical use, which finally occurred in September 2015. ( clinical trials were done in over 500 women between 2008 and 2010 with a minimum 5 year followup ).

We are pleased to announce the first case of Ideal® implants for breast augmentation was performed in mid-October 2015, and more and scheduled in the next few weeks. Experience with using the device intra-operatively was very favourable.

The Ideal implant is available only through Dr. Benjamin Gelfant’s practice in western Canada, located in Vancouver, and one surgeon in the east, at this point in time.

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For more information please visit the Ideal Impact website. You can also view this visual diagram of the Ideal® Implant.

To learn more about the breast augmentation procedures we offer, please visit our Breast Augmentation page. You are also welcome to book a consultation with Dr. Gelfant to see if an Ideal® Implant is the best option for you.

(Disclosure: Dr. Gelfant is an investor in Ideal Implant corp.)

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