Just as you adjust your wardrobe choices when the seasons change, you should also adjust your skin care regimen. You would not wear your summer shorts during autumn, so why would you follow the same warm-weather skin care routine during the cooler autumn months? Dr. Benjamin Gelfant shares tips about how to adjust your skin care regimen to fit the needs of fall.

Add Moisture

During the warm, humid summer months, you most likely use a lightweight facial moisturizer or skin serum to help prevent your skin from becoming too oily. As the seasons change, however, the temperature drops, and the outside air tends to become drier. To account for these seasonal changes, you should change your moisturizer. Instead of using the lightweight formula you do during summer, try using a heavier cream- or oil-based moisturizer this autumn. Doing so will give your skin the added moisture it needs in cold temperatures and dry air.

Remove Dead Skin

Autumn symbolizes renewal. With this in mind, help renew your skin by exfoliating with a gentle, oil-based scrub or a glycolic acid peel. Exfoliating once or twice a week unclogs your pores, so they look smaller. It also sloughs away dull, dead skin cells, exposing your reinvigorated, healthier skin beneath.

Maintain Sunscreen Use

You may not think you need to use sunscreen when the sun is not visibly shining. However, that is not the case. The sun continues to shine — and to emit harmful ultraviolet rays — whether the sky is overcast or not. Even on cloudy days, you are susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. To help prevent sun damage, including wrinkles and dark spots (hyperpigmentation), use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 every morning before you leave the house.

Already Noticing Visible Signs of Sun Damage or Premature Aging?

If you are already frustrated with visible signs of sun damage or premature aging, contact Benjamin Gelfant MD for help. He offers a variety of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment options to help fight visible signs of aging and skin damage, for a renewed appearance this autumn.

To schedule a consultation with Benjamin Gelfant MD or to learn more about your breast augmentation treatment options, please contact his Vancouver cosmetic plastic surgery clinic by calling (604) 874-2078.

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